Beith the Birch ... birthing

Beith The Birch
was the first life on this earth
born here from another world, they say.

From this first birch

all trees,
all plants,
all animals
and ourselves
were served the first breath of life.

As all life comes from a womb somewhere,

the womb, a fire of flames that dances, warms and glows
when branches of the birch fuel its hearth,
unconditionally, without fear.

Coleridge tells of the Birch being the Lady Of The Wood

but I believe the birch is a man
a defender and protector of women.

Should any women be abused by a man

then the birch will punish and inflict
the burning of beating from its branches upon him.

And this still awaits men in parts of this world today,

when they challenge the sacred way of women.

We had a storm,

a birch fell
lifeless ivory that spread across the grass.

Lifting its skin, its pink flesh revealed

green lichen still alive, eager to continue.

Later, I wrote a letter,

about the wisdom of this tree
on white pulp from the life of this fallen birch.

While composing this letter I pondered

about how some folks ask to leave this world for awhile
and then return to begin over.

Fate may sometimes grant what we wish

and snatch us away
but we do not know of our return.

Earth is a place for love,

I don't know where it's likely to be better,
but if you climb a birch tree
you will think you are escaping to heaven
only to find its branches dip down
to return you safely to earth.

For a moment

you do actually leave this earth
and then you return to start again.

Birch the first life, is the first dance

and only from that first dance can love begin,
a love that pours this cauldron that
has released this Tale Of The Trees.

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